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List of Applicants.

bwgmedia a posted Mar 8, 14
Hello and congrats to those who have passed the first part of the application process. The following applicants have been accepted thus far and will be entering into phase 2 of the process. If you do not see your name here and you feel it should be, PM me and I will look into it.

Current Applicants: (in game names)


Mazeltaf(totally misspelled that) again to all that were accepted and I will be in touch with you soon

phantomcmeyer My brutally Slaughtered that word. Its mazel tov xD just letting you know.
Hello peeps, 1panda80 here announcing that my minecraft server for BWG will be going back up in about  a month. Literally no decisions have been made after that and I wanted to get all of you involved in helping me make such a server. The basic premise of the server hasn't even been chosen yet, so I urge you to comment on what you, personally would like. I have already been talking with a good host and I'm dropping around 500$ on this thing(not just the host) so I am hoping it will be as successful as I have dreamed about. I am very hesitant to make such a server as I am still in school (until the end of may) and administration could become complicated.(Under your application please put "LOLCAT"  so I know you read this) That's where I turn to you, wonderful minecraftians. I need a team of staff members that can get along, get things done, and be active as a Mo-Fo. This serious staff should also know how to have fun, but not get caught up with the powers of running a server. I know It sounds like quite the demand, but please note that each staff member will get a monthly pay depending on the rank they hold. This being said there will be absolutely no admins for the servers first few weeks the servers existing. I the owner and a team of selected moderators will run the server until it is time to select the Admins.

 To apply for a Moderator position please fill out an application below and await for me to respond. Please note  that passing the application process doesn't mean you got the job. Rigorous tests may be used afterward to determine the true morale, skill, and alertness of those  accepted applicants.
Note that also below there is an application to join the Content Committee, where you will be deciding what actually goes on the server.(no pay is given to Committee members, but prizes such as gift cards, and in game ranks will be given out) Thank you for reading and don't hesitate to msg me!

Moderator application:
experience with MC:
favorite kind of server:
Are you on  MC bans:
Explain your work ethic:
Past servers:
Time played each day:
Other games you play:
Anything else:
Means of communication:
Skype(if available):
Do you have TS3:
(TS means Team Speak)

Content Committee Application:
Time playing MC:
different types of servers you've played:
Recent servers:
Level of education:
on a scale of 1-10 How much do you know about MC:
on a scale of 1-10 How often are you available:
How to reach you:
Means of communication:
Skype(if available):
do you have TS3:


Thanks for reading and submitting an application! I will get back to you ASAP!
coxie53 Applied on the PMC post. Thanks very much for taking the time to read it(I hope ^_^)

Major/Minor setback....

bwgmedia a posted Feb 16, 14
Due to some recent events in my real life I am having to delay the launch of the game "Get Hight"
The new launch date is as of now unknown and will be officially decided soon. For now I can just ask that you be patient and I will be rolling out content as soon as I can...
Thanks for reading and understanding~bwubs
Hello there goons and welcome to the post where I expose the release date of Get High, talk about some of the different notes and ideas that have changed thus far in development, and to state what will be going on when we continue progressing and developing  RedWood Manor in the near future. For now just be patient as updates have been promised and are in the works of delivery!

FIRST off we need to introduce the newest member of BWG, Liquid Engineer!
He is an awesome addition to the team by (within a matter only a few weeks) created multiple tracks for RedWood, but also worked on songs for other projects like GetHigh. A mad shoutout to this guy and
props for what he does for this team! Give em' a warm welcome and follow all of hiz biz!

Release Date for Get High has officially been set to January 30th 2014.
In a few days it will drop on newgrounds and here. Feedback and early testing 
is needed, contact me if you can provide either.
Get High

Recently BlueWireGaming has been knocked off the tracks due to one very odd but very real event. Honestly my personal life was effecting my development-decision-making skills. Anyways, this effect was bringing about a negative impact on the games and projects I am currently involved in.Quite frankly it was very hard to climb out of this pit of doom, but now I am doing fine and my life is in tact. I can finally put my time into my games and projects.

Thanks for reading goons, cya' next time!

Hello peeps, I have good and bad news! I will be taking a break from developing RedWood Manor :( so that I can focus on a much smaller project "Get High" where the object of the game is, to well...
Get High

Get high! 
The objective is to successfully get high off of whatever means possible. You have a bag of that bubonic chronic in your room but just as you goto spark it. No lighters can be found. There will be three ways to solve this puzzle and beat the game! They are listed below: 
1:use a magnifying glass and a jar to use the suns rays from outside to vaporize your stuff. You will only be able to do this in the room with a huge glass window. Gather the items and go there.(challenges as to when and how you can get to the glass window room may be added in development
2:use the stick lighter that's used for the grill. You will need to snag this and then be sneaky to get it to your room. Go somewhere and smoke.
3:use matches and a candle cleverly to keep a cycle going and equally burn bud. (Perhaps a diff animation will be displayed.)
Ways to loose in this game is to get caught by your mother or father, get ratted out by your sister,or get jacked from your brother. Good luck :3
Game idea originally created:
Tuesday night high as balls January 21

More updates coming soon. 
Release Date will be announced soon.

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