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Super Smash Bros Crusade:

This game is a classic take on the Super smash brothers franchise packed into a bite sized pixelated pc version. Although it is similar to super smash flash 2, crusade exhibits a great amount of depth and an even wider range of gameplay including more characters and stages. The newest release is set to have built in controller support as well as online servers rather than the hamachi setup that is currently being used. With all of this exciting news happening all at once I will attempt to cover as much of the upcomming events as I can. You can catch me on my stream Here. If you want to download super smash bros crusade you can do so Here. I plan on hosting tournaments soon and streaming them as well. I wanna build a real community for this game so also be sure to check out the forrums for comprehensive guides discussion and tourney news.

BWG twitch is here

bwgmedia a posted Aug 21, 15

Recently I have gotten the right equipment and a viable internet connection to start streaming with. I've done a few test streams and everything seems to be good but I'm still updating and working out the kinks. If you wish to check out the channel its HERE

Welcome to the website!

bwgmedia a posted Mar 21, 13
Welcome to BWG!
Hello and welcome to the official BlueWireGaming  HQ
Here our staff and community can converse and exchange development topics and help contribute to existing and future projects! As of right now we have one major project in production and we need lots  of help  to pull it off! You can find more info about the game and future development on the forum.
Hope you enjoy your time on here!